Erik Elsea is an international life coach, trainer, and speaker and will soon be able to add author to his list of accomplishments. His extraordinary life in the fast lane both behind the wheel of a race car and in his personal pursuits, has given him with a unique perspective on business, relationships, life, finances, and spirituality. His high energy, high impact methods of coaching give you a fast track to achieving your goals while allowing you to slow down and enjoy life. His enthusiasm for racing is only outweighed by his passion for helping others get in the fast lane to their dreams.

Erik Elsea has crashed and burned several times in his life. He shares the lessons he learned by making high speed mistakes to prove that only on a racetrack is there a wall that cannot be overcome. His openness about the crashes he has caused in his life is refreshing. So if you are ready to take your life to the victory lane, then ladies and gentleman, start your engines and follow Erik, he will show you how to get there.

Erik Elsea's life coaching practice is based in Ft. Myers, Florida however he travels extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad.

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