60 Days to Go

Today marks 60 days to go until I start my adventure down the Mississippi River. In two months I will be leaving Lake Itasca in Minnesota on a trip that I’ve dreamed about as long as I can remember. I don’t know what year it was but my Father and I were camping at Fort de Chartres in the Mississippi River bottom in Southern Illinois. It was probably late spring early summer and the water was high. We had hiked over the levy, through the woods to the river bank. I can’t remember if it was at flood stage but I do know that the current was absolutely ripping. It was an impressive sight to see. The massiveness of it and the power of that water was incredible.

I had to be somewhere around 9 years old and had grown up canoeing in the lake behind my house and on rivers in Missouri. I loved canoeing as a kid. Watching that water go by as we stood there on the bank of the Mississippi I looked up at my Father and said “I’d like to canoe this someday.” He told me “You can do it, it can be done.” From that moment on I had a dream, a desire to conquer the Mighty Mississippi.

It’s been about 30 years since that conversation took place. In 60 days I’m going to begin to make my dream a reality!

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