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"Integrity, Trust, Motivating, Inspiring, Caring, are just a few words that can describe this dynamic speaker. It is not what happens to us that makes the difference; it is how we respond to what happens that determines our destiny. Learn from the past to create a better future. Erik brings a story of courage, persistance, and goals thay everyone can relate too." -Brett Noel, Real Estate Trainer and Coach

"Erik is a dedicated hard worker that is an asset to any level of organization. He is a positively motivated individual that sees the job through to the finish line. Quick on his feet and great people skills and always willing to help out when it is needed." -Glenn Barres, Owner

My experience with coach Erik Elsea has been very inspiring. He has helped me to finally move off the fence and start becoming pro-active, to express my thoughts and ideas in terms of goals and dreams and put them into action step by step. I feel motivated to put my gifts and talents into reality. With his continuing mentoring, I am confident that I will achieve my fullest potential. He has made a big difference in my life.-Gabriella Cecchini-Lennep, Realtor