Day 11

Day 11. UMile 1162 Herb Beers Public Access to UMile 1122 Verdon Landing. (Between Grand Rapids and Aitkin, MN)

I got an early start. Weather looks stormy the end of the week so I wanted to make some good mileage the next couple of days. I know now to keep more Jack Link’s Beef Jerky nearby because I easily went through five packages in one snack break. 🚣🏻‍♂️💪🏼

No cell reception out here so I rely on gps maps to tell me where the campsites are. Arrived to the dock at Verdon Landing to find two fisherman with lines in the water for catfish. They welcomed me over to share some Pabst Blue Ribbon and tell stories of the river. Burt gifted me a fishing lure he made for the next time I’m in salmon country. Turns out that hook would come in very useful later on my trip.

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