Day 13

Day 13. Palisade to Aitkin MN.

I got a later start than hoped packing up a soggy camp and headed out under the Palisade Rail Bridge with blue skies. Paddled all day without much communication and then my new phone completely died. Thanks to Burt’s fish hook (Day 11), I was able to open the waterproof case and check the battery. Just needed to be plugged in to my solar charger. I made it to Aitkin City campsite and got set up right before it started pouring rain and got chilly and dark. It was Jack Link’s Beef Jerky and Sour Skittles for supper. My first night reading my Mark Twain classics by LuminAID. Campsite had everything I needed, included a million mosquitoes. I can see why ShelterBox includes mosquito netting in their #disaster relief options.

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