Day 14

Day 14. Aitkin MN to Hwy 6 Boat Landing. 🚣🏻‍♂️

I thought this 3-man Vango tent with a porch might be overkill for this trip but this is my 4th time already riding out rain storms or thunderstorms in absolute comfort. I packed up slowly when the rain let up a bit. Waking up here in Aitkin reminds me of the Johnny Cash song…”How high’s the water momma? It’s five feet high and risin”. I had an interview with the local newspaper, the Aitkin Independent Age, and got a tour around town with Brielle, the newspaper editor and one of the 6 members of the Aitkin Rotary Club. Then I paddled as far as the campsite and stopped to check my spotty cell phone coverage and record a short video, but I wanted to get a couple more hours closer to Brainerd, so I kept on going. This time the boat landing where I stopped was just that: a parking lot. I set up the tent anyway and planned for an early start. It was kind of a rough day, but I guess I have to expect those, too. Reminds me why I’m doing this for ShelterBox USA. 85 million people out there right now are having rough days figuring out where they’re going to sleep after a disaster.

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