Day 15

Day 15. Hwy 6 Boat Landing to Brainerd MN. 🚣🏻‍♂️

It was cloudy and cool on the river today. The forest is changing from hardwoods and tamarack to red pine and steeper riverbanks. I approached the Potlatch Dam in Brainerd and as usual the river turns into a slow moving pool behind a dam and I did the 201 yard portage around it. The rapids after the dam were awesome with the waves crashing against the side of the canoe but the Nova Craft Prospector handled everything that was thrown at it like a champ. A few miles later I stopped for the night at the Rotary Park in Brainerd tired and hungry and without plans. I set up my tent and guess who showed up? #bemidjibradknowing I’d be hungry and ready for a cold beer! Great to see him again. Then I got a call from #RotaryBob offering me another dinner and laundry at his house. He even had Bent Paddle Brewing Co. beer from Duluth, a brewery where his son works. I met his awesome wife Terry and had a lovely time. I finally went to bed around sundown. What if everyone who was tired and hungry had someone show up with a smile ready to help? That’s what ShelterBox does.

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