Day 16

Day 16/July 23. Brainerd to Little Falls MN 🚣🏻‍♂️ Home of Charles Lindbergh.

I woke up in Rotary Park in Brainerd. People keep coming by to talk to me because word has spread that I’m here. Vango tent is finally dried out after days of being put away soaking wet from rain. Never got wet inside. Nice and cozy. Breakfast was donuts #BemidjiBrad brought me last night. I passed by Fort Ripley and they were definitely shooting heavy artillery. There were helicopters and guys in the river being rescued by boats. They had to avoid me. It was awesome. I had a portage at Little Falls Dam just a few miles north of Little Falls, Minnesota. Would have been fun to shoot those rapids but they would’ve probably frowned on that. I stayed at Charles A. Lindbergh State Park (named after Senator Lindbergh, father of the aviator) tonight after a long day of paddling and I couldn’t tell if it was thunder or more cannons going off that I was hearing from my campsite. It was rehydrated beef stroganoff again for supper. Cooking it 3x longer than the instructions, adding Tabasco and washing it down with Bent Paddle Brewing Co. beverage from #RotaryBob helped. Slept like a rock.

🚣🏻‍♂️Tomorrow: Little Falls to Royalton canoeing, overnight back in Brainerd.

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