Day 18

Day 18/July 24. Brainerd MN. It was my first day I wasn’t paddling a canoe since I left Itasca on July 7. Physically, I feel great, but it was probably good to take a break. I’ll do whatever it takes to raise money for @shelterboxusa, even if it means spending a whole day living at a wine shop meeting a ton of awesome people and having great conversations. My hosts Jody and Dennis Drummond were fabulous and I even met Goeff from Cape Coral, Fl, my home. I visited the Brainerd Rotary Club and they had a social in the evening for me. 🚣🏻‍♂️ Day 19/July 25. Paddling to St Cloud. Music Festival. #nicefolks #mnnice #mississippi expedition #mississippiriver #winery#shelterboxusa #rotary #warmwelcome @ Dennis Drummond Wine Company LLC

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