Day 19

Day 19/July 25 Royalton to St. Cloud MN 🚣🏻‍♂️

The first thing I did was give a presentation at the Brainerd Lakes Sunrise Rotary meeting and then I got a ride back to my canoe stashed at the Royalton Sportsman Club. I had a good pace going on the river until the Sartell Dam portage. Once again I found a helper. Ed saw me struggling and helped me push my canoe under the bridge right as it started downpouring. He was awesome. I got to downtown St Cloud and got picked up by a friend of a friend who loaded my canoe on his trailer and drove me to the music festival in St Cloud sponsored by the St Cloud Rotary Club. There were more than 15,000 people having a great time at the Tom Petty tribute concert and I went up on stage and told the crowd about Shelterbox and my canoe trip. Every week the Rotary Club hosts a free concert, and I can’t believe I missed last week…First one to guess who it was a tribute to will get some Expedition gear! These days are long but every one is filled with awesome people, beautiful scenery and unexpected surprises.

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