Day 57

Day 57/Sept 1 Ste Genevieve to Grand Tower, Illinois. 🚣🏻‍♂️

It’s a beautiful day! Lots of traffic on the #mississippiriver today. Workers, tourists, me. I left Ste Genevieve and the sun felt good. Paddling is work and I am always moving. About the only time it was calm enough to take any pictures was when I passed through Chester, Il, home of Popeye the Sailor.

The #steamboat American Queen was in port there. It claims to be the “largest, most opulent riverboat” ever built with six decks. You can go on trips from St Louis to Memphis or Memphis to New Orleans. My cruise is cooler!

It was hard to read from so far away but I believe the tug is the Twyla Luhr. I knew the real Twyla Luhr.

I could see the Menard penitentiary towers, the famous maximum security prison from the movie The Fugitive with Harrison Ford. Good movie.

Got cell service for a few minutes when I was passing through town and my phone blows up with messages, but then it went dark again. I pulled off on a sand bar to take a little break. Not sure why I bothered cleaning the sand from everything in St Louis.

I got to Devil’s Backbone State Park next to Grand Tower, a little town named for the 92’ limestone rock face that Merriweather Lewis wrote about in November 1803 called Tower Rock. Devil’s Backbone is the rocky ridge that runs along the Mississippi.

Ate dinner at the only restaurant in town. It’s also a convenience store and gas station. There was no one around at the campsite, so I just pitched my tent and went to bed. I’m leaving early tomorrow.

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