Day 58

Day 58/Sept 2 Grand Towers, Il, to a sandbar. Passing Cape Girardeau. 🚣🏻‍♂️

It’s Sunday. I left Grand Towers and the #barges are out. My original schedule had me stopping in Cape Girardeau for the weekend, but now I would be passing by. A classmate from Waterloo drove out with her sons Cole and Dane to see me at the landing. I could hear them cheering me on even from the middle of the channel. I didn’t get the message they would be there until right as I got close and it was tough to come in to shore. It was pretty cool to hear that and know they were there. Melissa even adopted a river mile to support ShelterBox USA. I’m always so amazed at the support from you all.

I passed under the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge. It’s four lanes wide but Cape G is the only town of any size around here for miles and miles.

I canoed all day without cell service and looked for a good spot to #camponce I got in the 50 miles I wanted to do. I spotted an #island with a #rainbow pointing to it. I figured that was a good enough sign to stop for the night.

The #beach sand was gorgeous. I felt right at home hanging out in the sun just like I do in Florida! Then I just watched the #sunset on the river. These are the moments I really enjoy #roughingit . 😎

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