Day 59

Day 59/Sept 3 An Island at UM30 to Columbus, Kentucky (A beach at LM 937). 🚣🏻‍♂️ I’m somewhere near Cairo, Illinois.

I started Labor Day in a #redcanoe on the #mississippiriver at sunrise.

I went under the I-57 Bridge about 5 miles before Cairo and then I could see the I-60 Bridge at Cairo. Just beyond that, the Ohio river dumps into the Mississippi. When I paddled out into the confluence of the two, I took a selfie with the bridge behind me and the two rivers meeting.

By 4 pm, I pulled up to the Columbus-Belmont State Park looking forward to a nice campsite and a shower after 4 days of paddling. There was a boat landing, but the park and camping are accessible only by car and there was a steep bank between me and the park at the top. I pitched my tent on the side of the boat landing and walked into the little town of Columbus a couple of miles away.

I found an amazing bacon cheeseburger with my name on it and by the time I was done telling the guy next to me what I was doing for ShelterBox USA, he had paid for my burger and offered to drive me around the park to see what there was.

Turns out he’s a reporter for the local county paper, and he’s interested in my story. We left and forgot we were waiting for the pizza he ordered, but by the time we got back to my camp at the boat landing, the owner of the convenience store had stopped down and brought the pizza with him. Apparently he didn’t feel too bad leaving his wife to run the restaurant, because we all hung out for awhile.

I read some Mark Twain in my tent using my LuminAID. No cell service today, so I’m just following the float plan. #teamelsea tracks me and can message me by satellite. In a disaster situation, the worst is sitting in the dark and your cell phone dying when the electricity goes down. It’s the very first thing that we want to know after a storm or event- is everyone ok and where are they? The new Luminaid lanterns we send with our #disasterreliefat ShelterBox provide #light and #chargers. It makes all the difference when you’ve lost everything and you’re literally in the dark.

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#shelterboxusa #shelterbox #mississippiexpedition @ Columbus-Belmont State Park

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