Day 60

Day 60/Sept 4 Columbus, Kentucky to New Madrid, Missouri 🚣🏻‍♂️

I slept in and woke up next to the boat landing with a beautiful sunrise. I had a few friends to hang out with this morning. And did I already mention there is sand everywhere?

I saw the tropical storm protected cone for Gordon on the radar and it looks like it will go south and west of me and then I’ll be south of it by the time it heads east. How lucky am I? I can handle some rain. Its the wind I’m worried about and tomorrow looks fine where I’ll be, too.

I was waiting for the barge behind me to pick a lane so I could stay out of his way. There’s the inside or the outside lane and I fall in behind him once I know where he’s going.

I made it 48 miles to New Madrid tonight but I’m getting dangerously low on Jack Link’s Beef Jerky😲So I asked Vicki who was pumping gas at Casey’s where a good place to eat and grab a drink was. She said the Eagle’s Club 100 yards down and that even though I’m not a member to tell them Vicki sent me and what I was doing and they’d let me in. It worked. 16oz Ribeye for dinner!

Probably not supposed to be camping in the city park next to the river, but a cop drove by and didn’t stop. It was nice and cozy under the pavilion with my LuminAID.

I felt great today. Today was my 60th day. Wow. Actually makes me sad that I only have 30 days to go.

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