Day 61

Day 61/Sept 5 New Madrid, Missouri to Caruthersville, Missouri 🚣🏻‍♂️

I was up at 5:30 at the riverside park in New Madrid and making my coffee before dawn. By 7:45, I was packed up and on the river.

This week of paddling 45-50 mile days and camping out has been fun, but I’m really, really ready for a shower. And clean clothes. I’m still dodging rain and storms and tows and barges. Sometimes the traffic is nuts. Then there are long stretches of river where I’m out here by myself. No tows, no USACE boats, no fishermen. Nobody for hours. It’s weird.

I wasn’t sure where I was staying tonight, but then #teamelsea sent me info on a casino and nearby hotel on the river in Caruthersville. That means one thing: hot shower and cheap food. Ok, that’s two things.

I pulled up to the casino dock and Ben Baker, County Commissioner and nearby Steele Rotary Club member was there to greet me and make arrangements for my visit to Steele tomorrow. Then he gave me a ride to the hotel.

When you see a nice, clean, dry, warm bed in a room with hot running water and electricity after a week of being out on the river, you are very grateful for a nice nap, a hot shower and a nearby casino lounge with hot food!

#nofamilywithoutshelter #disasterrelief #shelterbox #shelterboxusa #rotary#peopleofaction #mississippiriver #mississippi #ineedashower @ Caruthersville, Missouri

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