Day 62

Day 62/Sept 6 Caruthersville, Missouri to Cottonwood Point, Missouri 🚣🏻‍♂️Overnight in Steele, Missouri 🗣

I woke up in a nice dry hotel room in Caruthersville and Ben Baker, county commissioner, Steele Rotary Club member, and owner of the NAPA auto parts store, picked me up and took me to the morning gathering of the local menfolk at his place.

There was plenty of bs’ing about politics, women and cars, not that I ever express any opinions on any of those things…ha. Oh, and plenty of coffee and #donuts to fuel me up before my easy day of #canoeing just 13 miles downriver to Cottonwood Point.

I paddled under the asymmetrical 7,102’ Caruthersville Bridge. All the rain up north is starting to swell the river. Dark clouds rolled around me but I only felt a few drops.

It was less than a couple of hours before I was pulling up to the docks at Cottonwood Point, Missouri. This used to be a little happening place with a small ferry that would go back and forth to the Tennessee side. Now there’s barely anything, but there is a 24-hour tugboat and barge service that let me leave my canoe for the night.

Ben was waiting to take me to Steele about 10 minutes west of the river. I had a delicious pork sandwich with slaw for lunch and then sat at the #laundromat waiting for my clothes. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a laundromat, I wasn’t sure how it worked. Good news: You can buy little soaps in a vending machine! So I have clean clothes but sketchy cell service.

The other patrons were #amused when a squad car pulled up and it was my ride to the hotel. Police Chief Billy Stanfield is also in the Rotary Club so he sent a #policeescort for my clean clothes. 🤣

The Steele Rotary Club meets for dinner at a local restaurant. They stand for the pledge and start their meal with a prayer. Then they had me speak about #shelterboxusa and our partnership with #rotary for #disasterrelief. And I talked about my 60+ days canoeing down the #mississippiriver.

I was ready for bed and still exhausted from the last six days paddling 297 miles.

#nicefolks #mississippiriver #adventure #mississippiexpedition #smalltown#riverrats @ Steele, Missouri

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