Day 63

Day 63/Sept 7 Cottonwood Point, Missouri 🌅
I drove a tow boat today.

Ben Baker from the Steele Rotary Club knows everyone, which maybe is why he’s the County Commissioner. So this morning after staying the night in Steele, Missouri, he gave me a ride back to my canoe at Cottonwood Point and asked if I wanted to tour the 65’ Lou Draper with twin diesel engines putting out 1200 hp.

This steel #boat can push 90 tons of cargo on #barges or move other ships that need nudging or towing. It could haul a lot of #shelterboxes. The cockpit is 25’ above the river and the view from up there is awesome.

Scottie the pilot let me drive. Little bit different than a race car. No wheel, just throttle sticks. I’ve seen so many #tows from the water or the shore but before now had never been on one. It’s also helpful to see their perspective of the river and my little #canoe. Many thanks to Ben, Scottie and the crew for the experience! It was awesome!

#mississippiexpedition #shelterbox #adventure #riverrats #mississippiriver#havingfun #childhooddream @ Cottonwood Point, Missouri

Day 63. After the storm, the rainbows came out.

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