Day 64

Day 64/Sept 8 Island north of Osceola, Arkansas to an island north of Memphis, Tennessee. 🚣🏻‍♂️

Today was just nuts.

I wasn’t scared for my life, but there were moments I was scared I was going to have to swim after gear. That’s just no fun. I had no business being on the #mightymississippi once the winds whipped up again and the clouds came back to dump their payload so I pulled off to the side and tipped my canoe over as quickly as I could to use as a #shelter from the storm.

I needed to get a lot of miles to make it to Memphis tomorrow and I was already camped on a flat tree-less sand beach, so I packed up and headed out when the skies stopped crying.

Once the real mad clouds arrived, I knew I had better wait it out. I started and stopped a few times today, staying close to shore and taking cover when I needed. I was soaked when I finally crawled into my tent, but once again the Vango sleeping quarters stayed nice and dry. My LuminAID solar lights were put to good use in the wind and the rain and I was able to use my handy rocket stove to at least heat up some warm stew.

It was so miserable out there. There were times when the lightning and the thunder were literally right around me. I dragged my canoe up to the highest spot, which wasn’t that high, so it wouldn’t float away while I was sleeping.

Hurricane season is here, and a lot of people are on alert this week. I’m from Florida, I’ve seen some storms. No one wants to ride them out without shelter.

I recorded video, but I had no cell service to send it to anyone. #teamelseasaw me stop in what looked like the middle of the river on the gps map even though I was on shore. “Confirm you are not capsized or kidnapped by river pirates.” I sent the ok signal. Of course, the river pirates could have stolen my @garmin tracker and sent that message. No, there are no pirates. That ship about a mile away is a tow full of #nicefolks like Capts Terry and Scottie that I met this week. I have no doubt there’s help if I need it.

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