Day 65

Day 65/Sept 8 🚣🏻‍♂️ A sandbar to Memphis, Tennessee. 🚣🏻‍♂️

I was so happy to see the skyline of Memphis this morning! Home of #elvisand #graceland. I’m a #neildiamond guy myself.

I was closer than I thought after waiting out thunderstorms last night in my tent on a sandbar, and even though the skies were overcast, the outline of the city meant I’d be back in civilization soon. My cell reception started working and my speed picked up with all the rain from this week creating more volume in the #mississippiriver.

The first thing you notice in the skyline is the Bass Pro Shops pyramid, which used to be a basketball stadium. The I-40 Hernando de Soto Bridge is pretty iconic, too.

I hung a left at Mud Island and I was parked at the marina by early afternoon. I loved when my stepdad Bob took us to Mud Island as a kid. It still has this giant scale model of the entire Mississippi River and the Mississippi River Museum. It used to have a working tram everything looked closed, so I used the footbridge over to the city side. The Memphis Queen III and another river cruise ship were moored in the harbor.

I checked into a hotel and it is pure luxury. Just having hot water and electricity is nice, but now I’m really happy! A nice hot shower and early to bed.

#mississippiexpedition #canoetrip #shelterboxusa #peopleofaction#didelvisevercanoe @ Memphis, Tennessee

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Day 65// Sunday night in Memphis and I thought I was going to watch football in my hotel room and go to bed early. But then…I met Russ and Terri from Portugal in the lounge, and they were so much fun I went with them down to #bealestreet and ended up at B.B. King’s Blues Club Memphislistening to live #blues. Can’t believe it was just this morning I was packing up a canoe full of sand on a sandbar in the Mississippi River.

#mississippiexpedition #adventure #nicefolks #music #nightout #canoetrip#mississippiriver #doyouplayneildiamond @ Beale Avenue (Beale Street)

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