Day 66

Day 66/Sept 10 West Memphis, Arkansas 🗣

Today I had a lot of fun visiting my stepdad’s hometown across the river from Memphis. Bob’s mom, Mrs. Hicks, was a longtime school teacher and has a park named after her. My Rotary hosts in West Memphis, PDG Charles and Gloria Elliott, let me dry out my tent in their backyard and Charles showed me his high school yearbook with pictures of my stepdad and his twin brother! We visited Hicks park and drove around town.

I spoke at the West Memphis Rotary Club for lunch and the Rotary Club of Hughes, Arkansas, for their evening meeting. At Hughes, I met the most interesting guy who has been a Rotarian for 70 years. He’s sharp as a tack and still works. His name is Paul Kelly. I saw his original membership card dated 6/30/48. He was 21 years old when he joined #rotary ! He is super amazing and an extremely active member.

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