Day 67

Day 67/Sept 11 Memphis, Tennessee¬†ūüĎ£¬†1/3

I had a day of sightseeing today, so first stop was the Bass Pro Shops#pyramid and Memphis-based Ducks Unlimited National Waterfowling Heritage Center. This was a former downtown basketball stadium that opened as Bass Pro Shops in 2015.

There’s a Cypress Swamp with 600,000 gallons of water and the first alligator I’ve seen so far. There’s a hotel inside called Big Cypress Lodge inspired by a resort in Branson, Missouri, and a restaurant with a glass floor observation deck 32 stories up that requires a ride in America’s tallest freestanding elevator (no thanks!).

Story goes that the pyramid was built in 1991 but sat empty after 2004. The founder, Johnny Morris, was fishing in the Mississippi next to the pyramid with his fishing manager Jack Emmitt and world-renowned fisherman Bill Dance. The city wanted Johnny to do something with it, but he wasn’t sure about it. He said if he caught a catfish weighing at least 30 lbs he’d take it on. Apparently, they caught a 34-lb catfish that day.

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Day 67 Memphis Peabody Hotel. 2/3

Marching ducks!


Day 67 Memphis, Tennessee 3/3 Charlie Vergos Rendezvous, you are the best! Down an unassuming alley there is a #bbq joint in Memphis that serves the most amazing dry-rubbed ribs you can find. This stop has been on my float plan since last February! It did not disappoint.

Thanks for buying my dinner, #rickshawralph Ralph Zuke. Fairview Heights Rotary Club #mississippiexpedition #canoetrip #shelterboxusa #hogsfly#hungry #southernbbq @ Charlie Vergos Rendezvous

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