Day 69

Day 69/Sept 13 Tunica, Mississippi to Isle of Capri Casino, Lula, Arkansas 🚣🏻‍♂️

Apparently the northern Mississippi River towns like their breweries and the southern towns like their casinos. As long as I can canoe right up and there’s a buffet, I am happy!

Today I left Tunica and my canoe was at the boat ramp ready to go. I canoed up to the bridge to Helena, Arkansas, and water was pretty calm except for waves made by the commercial traffic. Sun was shining and I didn’t have a ton of miles to #paddle to get to Isle of Capri #casino.

Unfortunately, there was no boat ramp there even though I could see the casino from the water, so I secured the canoe to some trees and hiked up to the hotel. I talked to a guy from the Corp who told me to be careful out there because the river is coming up big time. Apparently it’s supposed to be 4 ft higher overnight just south of me in Vicksburg. I didn’t check my canoe but it is tied up and the river would have to rise a lot more to even get to it.

I crushed another dinner for two at the buffet. 😋

Omg. Remember dial up? It was faster than the wifi. So after trying to work in my room I just gave up on that. The next couple of days are primitive camping again and probably no cell phone. I check the weather, the storm news, messages, what’s happening in the world. I just connect when I can and enjoy the peace and quiet when I can’t.

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