Day 70

Day 70/Sept 14 🚣🏻‍♂️ (1/2) Friars Point, Mississippi.

I went down to the river this morning to find my canoe floating. Thankfully, it was tied up and everything was fine but with all of the high water warnings, I’m taking extra care to make sure I don’t lose my ride in the last stretch of my #adventure!

About 10 miles into the day I pulled over to check out the little town of Friars Point. This little town was so neat.

I found a Chinese grocery with a food menu variety that included beef pepper steak and fried rice (what I had) and chicken gizzards and double bacon chicken philly. The kids working in there were from Hong Kong. They couldn’t believe this scruffy #riverrat in their little store had just been to Hong Kong on a cruise this spring. I needed sunscreen. Nope, don’t sell any, they said. No one uses it. It’s been mid-90s, sun shining.

I walked around town reading the historic signs on the old buildings and shared a beer with Carl who got me a ride back to my canoe.

#novacraftcanoe #mississippiriver #mississippiexpedition #history #historical#nicefolks #friarspoint #southern #downsouth @ Friars Point, Mississippi

Day 70/Sept 14 🚣🏻‍♂️ 2/2 After a stop for lunch in Friars Point, Mississippi, I paddled all day until I found another private sand beach island.

#mississippiexpedition #mississippi #riverlife #riverrat #sunset #sunsetbeach#downsouth #beaver #barges #beaches @ Friars Point, Mississippi


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