Day 72

Day 72/Sept 16 Greenville, Mississippi 🚣🏻‍♂️

That last 4 miles was tough turning off the river into Ferguson Lake and paddling another 4 miles north to get to the old downtown. Headwind. Current going opposite direction. Long slow slog. Oh well. I’m here.

I passed a ton of industry. Petroleum refineries, commodities, barge repair. When I arrived at the yacht club I met Chip, Scottie and Charlene getting ready to go out in their boat.

There’s a beautiful casino here and my hotel is a nice newly refurbished historical building not far from the water. Looks like the rest of the downtown is suffering and I’m wondering if businesses have moved out to the edge like in other cities in America.

Took me forever just to find a place to eat. Apparently everything is closed because today is the Lord’s day. But King of Wings was open (every other Sunday… my lucky day). It was kind of a lonely dinner.

I found a place to watch the football game at a tiny bar with some dudes hanging out in it. I’m not even sure its legal. It’s literally the size of my kitchen. Beer is in a cooler. At the moment the Vikings kicker had the chance to win the game, the internet connection went bad. When it came back we learned he missed it anyway. That kid’s probably cleaning out his locker.

I’m looking forward to resting and getting over whatever this is I’ve been feeling the past two days. Early to bed.

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