Day 73

Day 73/Sept 17 Greenville, Mississippi 👍

I woke up feeling much better and my morning’s mission was to get supplies and do my laundry. I’d left pretty much everything in the canoe at the Yacht Club which was about a mile away. When I got there, sign said it was closed on Mondays. It’s a good thing I’m skinny because sorry, Yacht Club, but I was not going to be denied! I was going to have to buy clean underwear if I couldn’t get to my stuff!

There is a snack shack in the laundromat and the food is delicious! Slaw, chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, 2 beef patties, mayo, ketchup and mustard. Oh and pickles. Mmm. And the laundromat lady called me honey, like everyone down here. So I was happy.

Then I had some time to get online and do some work at the hotel, catch up on the world, take a nap. I’ve done a lot of walking and I’m enjoying my stop.

Tonight I went to Doe’s Eat Place (family owned since 1941), another famous southern stop I couldn’t miss. Only open for dinner, their porterhouse steak was named the number one thing to eat in America by Mens Journal. Guess what I had?

I missed meeting paddler and Greenville Rotarian Park Neff who is out on the river with Martin Trahan Canoeist. But maybe I’ll see you some other time.

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