Day 75

Day 75/Sept 19 Lake Providence, Louisiana 🚣🏻‍♂️

Yesterday I got a late morning start and paddled all day until I found a nice spot to camp on the river.

Today I was up early to make it to Lake Providence for the noon Rotary Club meeting. This area is known for its cotton plantations and there is a cotton museum here, but I didn’t have time to see it.

The town is separated from the main channel by an island, so I canoed up the smaller channel and up a swampy ditch where I could then walk into town. The water is so high, the maps don’t always match the actual situation.

My phone wasn’t working but Rotarian Andy Brister found me and gave me a ride to the meeting where I spoke. Interesting club! So glad it worked to stop and tell them about ShelterBox. Andy’s son canoed the Mississippi source-to-sea last year, so he was very familiar with the challenges and the network of River Angels out there who help us along the way.

After the meeting, I got back on the river and paddled as late as I could. It’s still hot and humid but I’m feeling good.

The highlight of my day was talking to my daughter and catching up on her life and activities. I miss her. She’s such a great kid. In the past 75 days she became a teenager and I became a #riverrat. She wasn’t sure about me doing this trip at first, but I told her it was #mydream and I want her to have #bigdreams, too. She seems ok with it now. 🤩

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