Day 76

Day 76/Sept 20 Vicksburg, Mississippi 🚣🏻‍♂️

I didn’t actually get to stop in Vicksburg today. I just passed under the double bridges. The Battle of Vicksburg lasted 47 days during the Civil War and destroyed much of the city. There’s a large memorial and National Military Park with all of the history. The city was on my wish list to see, but I’ll have to come back one day.

I was camping on an #island north of Vicksburg last night and I needed to make a lot of miles today to get to #natchez tomorrow. I could see the#nuclearpowerplant downriver at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson.

The tow boats are pushing more and more barges, sometimes blocking the whole river. The traffic is more and more busy each day.

It was nearly dark when I finally found a spot to camp near St Joseph, Louisiana. I’m definitely in the Mississippi Delta. Hot, sticky, humid and off and on rain. My gps said 61 miles today. Long day. I’m tired!

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