Day 79

Day 79/ Sept 23 Sunday Tunica, Mississippi 🚣🏻‍♂️ I’m on an Island. Just went until I needed to set up the tent before dark, which made today a 12-hour day paddling. Didn’t realize I was camped next to the State Penitentiary. I think I’m safe. They’d have to swim a long way but just in case, I won’t pick up any hitchhikers. Got rained on and had to stop for a bit to let a thunderstorm blow through. The weather all week looks like scattered thunderstorms and I’m camping. It’s alright when you’re rewarded with a beautiful sunset. I’ll read my Mark Twain book and fall asleep by 8:30. #solarlights #shelterboxusa #mississippi #peopleofaction #novacraftcanoe#luminaid #canoewithsasquatch #jacklinks #riverrats #lifeonthewater @ Louisiana State Penitentiary


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