Day 80

Day 80/Sept 24 Mon Approaching Baton Rouge, Louisiana 🚣🏻‍♂️ Another 12 hour day of scattered thunderstorms, wind, waves, and oxbow river curves that really tested my love of the outdoors. My camp is wet and sandy but I had to stuff everything back in its drybag and throw it all back in the canoe and get going. The skies were dramatic today. Deep blue, rolling clouds. Dark black, pouring rain. Had to take a little break in the afternoon. Its been tough out here. I went under the new bridge between New Roads and St Francisville, Louisiana, and there was another front heading straight for me. It could be worse: today it’s near freezing in Park Rapids, Minnesota, the headwaters of the Mississippi River! Finally found a campsite after dark on a sandy beach. Turned out to be one of my longest days of the trip and maybe my last night in my @vango_outdoor tent camping under the stars. Can’t explain what it’s like out here. Guess you have to love the water and the wind and the sand. @ Baton Rouge, Louisiana


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