Day 81

Day 81/ Sept 25 Tues Baton Rouge and Plaquemine, Louisiana 🚣🏻‍♂️ What a fun day. I had a fighter jet buzz me South of Baton Rouge. It circled right around me totally banked sideways. Like he/she was checking me out. I waved, he or she was so close. Then an Army Corps boat basically stopped so it wouldn’t create any wake while I went by. I wish I had time to stop in Baton Rouge. I passed under the Wilkinson Bridge, the largest on the river. It spans two miles and is 175’ in the air to accommodate the ocean ships that harbor here. Everyone says that Baton Rouge built the bridge on the north side of the harbor purposely too low to stop river traffic from going any further north thereby growing their own port services. I could see the tower of the Louisiana State Capital building from my canoe. The skies were getting pretty dark though so I pulled off the river across from the LSU stadium to take cover and suddenly I was in a no visibility downpour. I pulled my canoe on shore and hid in some trees. When it passed, I canoed on to Plaquemine. I was done. I hid my canoe in some brush and called an Uber. I was staying in a hotel tonight. Warm, clean hotel. When I saw the river from the car, I couldn’t believe I had been canoeing down there. #mississippiexpedition @ Plaquemine, Louisiana



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