Day 83

Day 83/ Sept 27 Thurs Vacherie , Louisiana 🚣🏻‍♂️ I left Donaldsonville late morning and didn’t have too many hours to paddle to get to Oak Alley Plantation. Traffic was insane and it was rainy. I was happy to pull up to the levy where I thought the plantation was, but without good cell service, I can’t use my gps to see exactly where I’m at. I just left my canoe and thankfully when I walked up the levy from the river, I was right across the road. The sugar plantation was one of the 40 surviving after the Civil War. Before the war, there were 400 plantations between Baton Rouge and New Orleans all along both sides of the river like little narrow slices of pie. Every one had riverfront property with the big house near the river and the fields extending miles back away from the river. Outbuildings and houses for slaves were also sometimes miles from the big house. Oak Alley has 300-yr-old oak trees forming a movie-like entrance to the front door of the big house. Now it’s a resort and place for tour busses to see the history of the plantations. There are still fields and fields of sugar cane surrounding all along this stretch of the river. Big trucks hauling canes to process are everywhere on the road. I had crawfish etouffé and jambalaya for supper. The mint juleps here aren’t bad, either. It was rainy but it’s hot and nice to be out under the stars on a porch in Louisiana. @ Oak Alley Plantation



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