Day 85

Day 85 / Sept 29 Sat Luling, Louisiana 🐊 After scouting out my arrival spot for tomorrow in downtown New Orleans, I wanted to go back to the St Charles Parish Rotary Alligator Fest and actually see my first live alligator. Everyone seems surprised I haven’t seen any in the river. I held a baby alligator and a four footer and was given an interesting lesson in alligator raising by John at Inst-gator, a company that raises them from wild alligator eggs. Many of the get released back into the wild, and the population in Louisiana is in the millions. I tried an alligator burger and alligator sauce piquant, which was like a stew. I visited my new friends at Riverbend Rotary and their amazing bbq pulled pork stand and thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of the St Charles Parish Rotarians. It was a shame it rained again for them but I didn’t mind. It was a nice day off before the final stretch. Tomorrow I’m arriving to New Orleans! @ Alligator Festival


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