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$1000 provides a complete ShelterBox for a family who has lost everything including shelter and all of the equipment needed to have a temporary home again.

$500 provides a family with a tented disaster relief tents are custom-designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfall.

These tents provide families with the shelter they need to survive and live in safety after a disaster. Above all, our tents give families a place to call home, where they can start rebuilding their lives and communities. Give the gift of a shelter to call home.

$250 provides the Heart of the Home in a temporary shelter. Our stainless-steel cooking equipment means water can be boiled, food can be cooked, and a family can gather together at the end of the day to share a meal.

$100 provides a ShelterKit for a family that needs tarps and tools to repair a damaged home.

$75 provides warmth for a family in need of ground mats, blankets, hats and gloves.

$50 provides access to clean water with water purifying equipment and water containers.

$40 provides protection from malaria and mosquito-borne illnesses, especially after flooding.

$25 provides a backpack full of school supplies for a child.

$20 provides light and security After a disaster, darkness can be a dangerous and persistent challenge for families and loved ones.

Why I’m Passionate about ShelterBox

Thank you so much for your support, and for helping us help people just like yourself who one day found themselves in a frightening situation. ShelterBox brings light, water, shelter and hope. We bring the message that someone out there cares.

Every  year, ShelterBox helps tens of thousands of families with tents, tools and training. But there is so much more we can do with your support. More than 85 million people are displaced right at this moment because of natural disaster or conflict.

Our goal is to raise $100 for every river mile: $255,200. Before I even start my trip, generous donors have contributed 10% of that goal. Rotary Clubs, other civic groups, individuals, family and friends have learned about the great work ShelterBox is doing.

If you are a club or group you can donate directly or hold your own event and fundraiser and set up your own fundraising page that will tie in to the Mississippi Expedition.

Individuals can donate directly to ShelterBoxUSA for the Mississippi Expedition.

For every $100 you donate, you can Pick-A-Mile of the Mississippi!