Launch day!

The day is finally here to get this adventure started. Its been a hectic week of preparing gear and presentations about Shelterbox. I’m looking forward to getting this trip underway so I can relax a little bit.

I feel ready as far as my gear and training is concerned and whatever I’m not prepared for I’ll just have to deal with at this point. My team has been extremely supportive and I couldn’t have accomplished this without them. We’ve already raised nearly $25,000 or about 10% of our goal to support ShelterBox USA. Now that I’m getting started I’m hoping that will increase.

The amount of awareness we’ve raised through events and media has been amazing. I hope to be able to continue that through this blog and social media during my journey.

Today I start my trek down the entire Mississippi River. I hope you continue to follow along and be part of this with me.

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