People of Action

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Rotary District 5580’s Conference to talk about ShelterBox and the Mississippi Expedition. District 5580 encompasses North Dakota, Minnesota, and parts of Ontario. It is also the District where my expedition will begin. I was able to spread the word about my trip down the Mississippi this coming summer. The outpouring of support was absolutely amazing to me. I shouldn’t be surprised because I was talking to Rotarians, but I was definitely humbled. Rotarians are definitely “people of action”

I planned on camping most nights of this 90 day trip but after this weekend meeting all of these Rotarians that live along the river, I joked that I may not have to camp for the first few weeks because so many people have offered me a bed to sleep in, a hot shower and a warm meal.

Many clubs offered their support by asking me to come speak to their clubs about ShelterBox and to host events to promote the trip. I’m more excited about this trip after this past weekend than I ever have been. I can’t wait for July to get here.

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