The Countdown is On

Today marks 100 days to go before I leave on my adventure down the Mississippi River. I just got back from a nearly three week trip to Southeast Asia and have got to get my training in gear. It is going to take both physical and mental toughness to canoe for three straight months. So today will consist of an hour lifting weights plus speed training this evening at my running club.

In addition to training, my team and I are working on the planning aspects of the trip. Since I will be stopping to give presentations about ShelterBox USA, I will need to follow a pretty tight schedule. If you are interested in me speaking for your group, please contact us and we will work to arrange that.

We are also working on lining up corporate sponsors to provide equipment for the trip in return for some awesome publicity and good will for the company by supporting such a fabulous organization like ShelterBox.

There will be a lot more information about my schedule as we get closer to the launch date of July 6th. Make sure you follow the blog and like our Mississippi Expedition facebook page to stay up to date.

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